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  1. Get the code

    git clone && \
    cd Watcharr

    If you want a specific version, checkout a version tag (replace <tag> with the tag):

    git checkout <tag>
  2. Build the frontend

    The server will use the built files, so we move them to the ui folder, besides where it's binary will be built.

    npm i && \
    npm run build && \
    mv ./build ./server/ui
  3. Build the server

    cd server && \
    go mod download && \
    GOOS=linux go build -o ./watcharr
  4. Run the server

    first account

    When first running Watcharr, make sure only you have access. The first user created will become admin.

  5. Visit http://localhost:3080/ and setup Watcharr.


Take care

We try taking care as to not release breaking changes, however it is still recommended that you lookover changelogs before updating!

Breaking changes are marked at the top of releases:

Updating is the same as installing except:

  1. Cleanup old build. Delete the ui folder and the watcharr binary.

  2. Replace step one with getting the new code:

    git pull

    If you checked out a tag, update to the new tag as well.