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Docker Compose


Installing Watcharr with a docker compose file is easy. You can copy the example below to get started:

# The :latest tag is used for simplicity, it is recommended
# to use an actual version, then when updating check the releases for changelogs.
container_name: watcharr
- 3080:3080
# Contains all of watcharr data (database & cache)
- ./data:/data
restart: unless-stopped
first account

When first running Watcharr, make sure only you have access. The first user created will become admin.

You can now start Watcharr like so:

docker compose up -d

If you didn't change the ports in the example, the server will be available at http://localhost:3080/.


Take care

We try taking care as to not release breaking changes, however it is still recommended that you lookover changelogs before updating!

Breaking changes are marked at the top of releases:

Updating your server can be done in two steps:

  1. Update the image version in your docker-compose.yml file. Skip this step if you are using the latest tag.

    # eg. update v1.19.0 to v1.20.0 (or whatever version you are updating to)
  2. Pull the new changes and re-create your container:

    docker compose pull && docker compose down && docker compose up -d

And that is it!